Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Power of One

Liberals like Ezra Klein have been lamenting the fact that the filibuster has constrained the agenda of the Democratic majority, especially with regard to the now imperiled health-care bill. And that was while Scott Brown's stunning upset was a far-fetched fantasy. Now the Democrats face the treacherous reality that the election of a single senator might compromise their cherished agenda. It's just not fair!

Horseshit. If we're really going to be democratic, then let's acknowledge that a majority Americans are against the health-care bill. Of course, the health-care junta would be wrong regardless of its popularity. But the Democrats are merely being true to their name. For them, only numbers matter. If 51% of the population (or the legislature, by proxy) feels one way, then so be it. That's democratic. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us, we're not a democracy. We still seek to protect the minority (or in this case, the majority) against the tyranny of the majority (or in this case, the minority).

Tonight, the election of one dumbass from Massachusetts now threatens the crown jewel of the Democrats' domestic agenda. And I couldn't be happier.