Monday, November 24, 2008

To 2009! The Year One!

This is an especially irritating time to be in the Federal City. Nearly all of DC is swooning over the upcoming inauguration of Barack Obama. This was most dramatically evidenced on Election Night when, after he was declared the victor, the Left gleefully took to the streets, champagne bottles in hand.

In fact, the DC Fire and Emergency Service is currently stockpiling smelling salts as a safety measure for the big day. Rightly so: the expected crowd of 4 million may come down with a collective case of the vapors on January 20. Pillows and hand fans are being deployed to the National Mall as I write this. Ah do declare.

Slow down, folks. Obama's presidency is still in the political womb, yet the Left is already talking about the rebirth of FDR. The Right, on the other hand, thinks Rosemary is about to give birth on the steps of the US Capitol. (That would make for some interesting television.)

Far be it for me to deny the Left its moment to gloat, or the Right its time to wallow in its loss. At some point both sides will realize that while Obama will almost certainly have a more successful presidency than George W Bush, he is not the second coming of Abraham Lincoln.