Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bubble and Squeak and Other Ridiculously Named Dishes

The Washingtonian recently published a "first look" review of CommonWealth in Columbia Heights. Seriously, guys? The place opened in early August. Tardiness aside, the review is spot-on. I'm glad the place exists, especially in Columbia Heights. There aren't many gatropubs in DC, and few restaurants match CommonWealth's atmosphere: it's cozy and boisterous. I've only eaten there once, so it's hard for me to judge the food (which was good, not great). The menu features some wonderfully named British fare, like frog in a puff and bubble and sqeak, and a ton of pressed meats.

As the Washingtonian review notes, the prices are a bit high for a restaurant that feigns to cater to the "people." Our dinner for two (with two beers) came out to $120, before tip (and no dessert). Yikes.

That said, I'll be back soon: it's hard to stay mad at a restaurant that has roasted bone marrow on the menu.